Zymax Multi Digestive Enzymes with DPPIV & PEP


Zymax is formulated to enhance digestion, support nutrient uptake & intestinal health.

Zymax contains three fungal proteolytic enzyme systems [including a protease with DPPIV activity, a protease with PEP activity, an aspartic protease (pepsin type)], a cysteine protease (bromelain), amylase, lipase & lactase (tilactase).

Multi Digestive Enzymes with DPPIV & PEP activities:

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It is well known that proline rich dietary proteins such as casein in bovine milk & gluten in cereals resist proteolytic degradation in the human GIT. As a result proline rich fragments can build up & may lead to undesirable effects in specific groups of individuals.

Short chain proline rich bio-active called exorphins such as casomorphins produced from A1 casein & gluteomorphins from gluten, display potent opioid activities. An accumulation of these exorphins in the ENS & CNS may be a contributing factor with some individuals presenting with fatigue, confusion & mood disorders.

Oral supplementation with proline specific endo-protease & exo-protease can assist in removing exorphins. Two proline specific protease of interest are PEP & DPPIV both identified & assayed from two distinct fungal proteolytic enzyme systems produced by the controlled fermentation of non-genetically modified strains of non pathogenic aspergillus oryzae.

It is known that upon hydrolysis of A1casein a number of new bioactive peptides also called “food hormones” are released. Opioid peptides called casomorphins have been identified & isolated. Beta-casomorphin (1-7) or BCM-7 with the sequence Tyr-Pro-Phe-Pro-Gly-Pro-Ile is the principle opioid peptide in A1 bovine milk. BCM is rapidly processed by the proline specific protease called DPPIV located next to lactase in the brush border membrane of the small intestines of healthy individuals.

Tyr-Pro, Phe-Pro, Gly-Pro, IleA disturbed dipeptidyl peptide IV (DPPIV) enzyme activity, leading to an incomplete breakdown of proline rich peptides may contribute to the development & severity of some health conditions. Oral supplementation with DPPIV type protease & PEP type protease can assist in processing BCM-7.Gluten derived protease resistant exorphins have also been mentioned in this connections. One molecule of Gluten contains 15 opioid sequences. (Fukudome & Yoshikawa (1991) FEBS Letters 296:107-111)

Gluten is a difficult protein to digest, the proline & glutamine rich peptides from wheat, rye & barley are relatively resistant to gastrointestinal digestion. the first 100 amino acids in the wheat gluten contains 35% glutamine & 20% proline.

Recently identified long chain proline & glutamine rich gluten fragments, the product of gastric & pancreatic digestion are thought to further resist the proteolytic action of brush border enzymes of the intestines, including DPPIV.

A proline specific endoprotease (PEP) has however shown some benefit in the inactivation of these proline rich rich peptides, into fragments which can be further broken down by the protease of the intestinal brush border membrane including DPPIV.

PEP (EC. can cleave large intact proteins & polypeptides & the carboxy-terminal end of proline residues. A protease with PEP activity is currently used in the Zymax formulation.

A protease with DPPIV activity (EC. is currently used in the Zymax formulation.The three fungal proteolytic systems [including a protease with DPPIV activity, a protease with PEP activity, a aspartic protease (pepsin type)], a cysteine protease (bromelain), amylase, lipase & lactase (tilactase) incorporated in Zymax can assist in more efficient digestion.


Protease 40 000 HUT 109.20 mg (from 3 Aspergillus oryzae strains)
Bromelain 168 GDU 70.00 mg (from Ananas Cosmosus)
Amylase 5 000 DU 55.60 mg (from Aspergillus oryzae)
Lipase 150 LU 31.90 mg (from Rhisopus oryzae)
Tilactase 1100 ALU 11.00 mg (from Aspergillus oryzae)
Each capsule contains: 0.1u/60 mg of DPPIV & 8.13 mu/37.5 mg of PEPFree from: wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, yeast, egg, animal products, soy, starch, artificial flavours, colourings & sweeteners.

Store below 25C. Do not store Zymax in direct sunlight or heat.

Zymax is suitable for vegans & vegetarians. Can be taken after foods or on empty stomach.
It is odourless & mixes well with drinks.

Adult only: Take 1-2 capsules with a full glass of water before meals or as directed by your health care professional.

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