Phillip’s interest in Natural Medicine began in the 1980’s after being plagued by illnesses such as chronic fatigue, food intolerances and immune problems. He was always feeling sick and tired from the moment he woke up, with a veil of tiredness surrounding him. Sinusitis, headaches, red eyes and a constant “burning brain” feeling never left him. Having tried every remedy and potion possible to try and get well, he turned his attention to digestive enzymes for health. He tried many enzyme formulations on the market only to find his mucus problem persisted and so did the chronic fatigue. He soon discovered his excess mucus was the result of faulty dairy (casein) and wheat (gluten) digestion. His digestive enzymes were simply not functioning properly! So his research on digestive enzymes started…

Philippe engaged in the chemical research of Digestive Enzymes. He studied the Casein molecule and discovered it contains proline amino acids which can only be digested in the intestines by an enzyme called DPPIV. If this enzyme is missing, an exorphin called Casomorphin7 (a fragment of dairy products) accumulates, creating HAVOC in the body causing a “dopey” and “confused” feeling rather like being on opium. His research focused on fungal enzymes with DPPIV activity, which is now included in his Zymax formulation. He then studied gluten which contains 35% glutamine amino acids & 15% proline amino acids. The body DOES NOT HAVE protease for glutamine, only proline protease, making gluten a very difficult protein to digest. His research continued focusing on more fungal protease with proline activities, and he discovered an important protease: PEP (proline endoprotease).
Taking Zymax (PEP combined with DPPIV), totally cleared his mucus within 6 months, his health started to improve and his sinuses cleared up.

Excess mucus had caused his immune system to over-react producing too much histamine, creating acidic stress and later hyperacidity. His cells were so full of acid that calcium was being drawn from his bones and accumulated in his cells and tissues, BLOCKING THE CELLS OF MAGNESIUM and possibly causing the chronic fatigue. He started taking many types of magnesium supplements but they all failed to produce results and his fatigue and exhaustion persisted. In his research, Philippe discovered that if you dissolve 2 types of magnesium such as magnesium carbonate & magnesium hydroxide in soda water, you produce Magnesium Bicarbonate, a powerful intra cellular alkaliser (pH 8.4 to 8.6) which removes the acid, kicks the calcium out of the cells, and introduces magnesium back into the cells. As soon as he started drinking the Magnesium Bicarbonate (Alkamag), his chronic fatigue lifted and over a few months, it totally vanished.