Kefir Grain Live Probiotic


Probiotics should be introduced to populate the intestines with digestive enzymes & fight off pathogenic strep, Candida & Clostridia. The best probiotic to date is Kefir & in particular Kefir Grain, not sachet.

Why? You can make fresh live probiotic every day of your life, Kefir can ferment A1 & A2 milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or you can use water & any sugar you like, molasses, maple syrup, organic raw sugar…



Live Kefir probiotic secrete antibacterial substances that lower pathogenic bacteria, it produces carbohydrate digestive enzymes (carbohydrase) & a little bit of protease. Probiotics ferment sugars, they do not digest casein from milk & gluten from cereals.

Probiotics can assist in digesting amines, phenols & salicylates.

Microbioflora restoration is the key but it is difficult to grow that good bacteria in your gut, it is why it is critical to ingest fresh bacteria everyday, not dead powder & capsules.

Kefir is the ultimate probiotic, it contains 90% bacteria & 10% yeast. The bacterial composition is mostly lactobacillus acidophilus & a little amount of some 37 bacteria including streptococcus lactic, lactococcus cremoris, lactococcus diacetylactis, leuconostoc….. All these bacteria produce lactic acid, acetic acid & hydrogen peroxide.

Kefir Grain Live Probiotic can be purchased as special order, call me on 0425 225 671 or email me to order milk kefir grain & water kefir grain.