See 3D images of the health of your body’s organs, cells & tissues.

Fast, safe, effective & non invasive

Take the journey & discover: the causes for chronic fatigue & lethargy, antioxidant & free radical, heart health, liver health, adrenal health, digestive health, women’s health, men’s health, weight problems, parasites, bacteria… & the best treatment options

Direct Health Scan can analyse the energy of organs, tissues & cells in the human body. It analyses the magnetic fields of living tissues through biofeedback information, also called bio-resonance. This process detects frequencies emitted by organs, tissues, bone, structure, cells… The health of an organ is determined by its optimal frequencies.

The more it deviates from its optimal frequencies, the more its condition deteriorates toward pathology. These optimal frequencies called Meta Frequencies can be up loaded by Direct Health Scan to harmonise affected organs. Intracellular information exists between magnetic fields & biological systems. Direct Health Scan is conducted as part of an initial naturopathic consultation.

Direct Health Scan, the most profound life changing scan

Direct Health Scan is conducted as part of an extended Naturopathic consultation.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general use only. It should not be used to replace any other medical advice